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Petr Vrba, trumpets, clarinet, objects

Since 1994 DJ of Radio1, in 1997-1998 he undertook a study stay in Institute of Art of Indonesia in Yogyakarta (study of Gamelan).

From 2005 passive (music journalist and producer) and active (trumpets, clarinet, egg- and dumpling slicers, brooms...) exploration of non-idiomatic improvisation. From 2007 cooperated with Eduardo Borsuci IN OPTIMA FORMA that developed into the foundation of ZVUKOVÁ BRIGÁDA. In 2009 he was one of cofounders of an improvisation trio called CHAOS UND LOGOS and in 2010 of volatile field IQ+1. In 2011 he constituted with a Corean experimenter Ryu Hankil (alarm clock, typewriters) duo YANAGI.

He performs or used to perform with Michal Brunclík, George Cremasci, brothers Čermák, Xavier Charles, Carmen Lefrançois, Michal Matejka, Ava Mendoza, Florent Merlet, Seijiro Murayama, Ivan Palacký, Peter Stehlík (aka TRANSPORT PUZZLE), Jaroslav Šťastný (aka Peter Graham), Alex Švamberk, Christopher Williams and others.

 live & unreleased tracks
 Kateřina Bilejová
 Georgij Bagdasarov
 Jára Tarnovski
 Petr Vrba
 Michal Zbořil
 Jana Kneschke (ex)
 Miroslav Posejpal (ex)